Boost Your Immune System Naturally



We usually associate colds with Winter. The reality is that colds can happen in any season though and with Spring in full swing the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a nasty, miserable cold.

I hate that. Everyone hates that.

But luckily there are steps you can take to boost your immunity, stay energized, and fuel your body to build a stronger immune system that will keep those pesky colds away.  

Simple strategies to Boost your Immune System:

1. Reduce Stress: Stress actually increases your risk of a cold and I am convinced that stress is the root cause of the majority of colds. I caught a cold a few weeks ago and I am quite certain that stress was a major reason why. People with chronic stress tend to have weaker immune systems. Remaining stress free as best you can (easier said than done I know) is key. Take time to relax, wind down, and make time for yourself. Do whatever brings you joy and it will instantly decrease your stress response. That is the best form of self care.  Make a conscious effort to stop the drama you create in your head.

2. Sleep: If you haven’t already noticed, sleep is incredibly important. Our body’s are better able to prevent colds and flus when we are well rested.  When we sacrifice a good nights rest we are much more susceptible to catching a virus. The less sleep you have the higher your chances of getting a cold. So catch some zzz’s.

3. Vitamin C: We are all familiar with the ever popular vitamin C to stave off colds, and it has gotten it’s reputation for good reason. There are so many delicious citrus fruits to choose from to give our bodies that extra burst of good ol’ C. Oranges, grapefruit, clementines, limes, lemons, mandarin oranges. Mix things up to keep it fun and interesting.

4. Give Your Gut Some Love: A healthy gut is essential to a strong immune system. Try incorporating fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchee, kombucha and coconut kefir into your diet to provide beneficial bacteria for your gut. These beneficial bacteria, aka probiotics, are essential for our health, to help digest our food, absorb nutrients, make vitamins and hormones, and to keep the bad bacteria out. When buying fermented foods at the grocery store you want to ensure that you get them from a refrigerated section. Alternatively a probiotic supplement may be beneficial in helping to prevent and decrease the risk of catching a cold too. The more diverse the bacteria the better.

5. Focus On Fresh, Local, Seasonal Food: Heading into spring we have an abundance of delicious produce coming our way, so take advantage of the beauty that is food and eating seasonally. When you eat with the seasons, you become more aligned. Everything has it’s place and things are what they are for a reason. Get out to your local farmers markets and do your best to load up on nourishing, fresh, local and seasonal food.

6. Get Moving: Possibly self explanatory, but I imagine most of the items on this list are. The problem is most of us don’t follow through with doing it so it is well worth the reminder. Getting fresh air and exercise is supportive to your overall health in general, and a healthy body means a healthy immune system. So do what it takes to make daily exercise a priority.

7. Take Care Of Yourself First: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Your ability to show up and take care of others is directly related to how well you take care of yourself. When we neglect caring for ourselves our immunity suffers. So please allow yourself some time that is dedicated specifically for you and your self-care routine like a warm bath, massage, yoga, reading or whatever else makes you feel calm and at ease. Provide for yourself so you can show up strong and healthy every day.

8. GARLIC: This list would not be complete without the mention of garlic. Garlic is an immune boosting superstar and is perhaps my favourite way to supercharge my immunity. Raw garlic is most powerful for our health and an easy way to keep colds at bay. 

Try out these simple strategies to help build a stronger immune system naturally so you can spend more time having fun! Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite immune boosters are.