Real food for real life and a simply healthy lifestyle.

A 5 week transformational program for busy women who want to eat well, enjoy simple and delicious whole foods and make changes to their health and wellness for the long term.

This program is designed to help you find freedom with food, confidence in your own body and teach you how to eat and live as the healthiest version of you. My program is focused on real food, and simple sustainable changes that support your health and wellness goals for lasting success.


During the program we’ll cover topics such as:


·      Discover how to eat whole foods and make simple recipes that nourish your body, keep your skin glowing, make you feel energized, and taste amazing.

·      Take the stress out of eating and learn how to pick foods that are healthy, understand why you are picking them and how to easily incorporate them into your diet without restricting yourself.

·      Grow to love and understand food, improve your digestion, simplify your approach, and determine what foods truly make you feel good and work best for your body.


·      Create effective routines and practices that keep it simple and help you cut out the unnecessary so you can find ease, balance and live your ideal life.

·      Cultivate confidence, self-acceptance, healthy relationships, fall in love with your body, and feel comfortable in your clothes.

·      Recognize habits, behaviours, and thoughts that don’t serve you and how to listen to and do what truly works for you and create a life infused full of happiness and the things you love and enjoy.


·      Master making time for you and create self-care habits that refresh, rejuvenate and promote balance within your life and your whole body.

·      Find ways to make exercise something that you actually want to do instead of something you dread having to do and how to find fun and effective workouts that you love and feel good about.

·      Identify your triggers, handle stress positively, and turn off your inner critic with simple and easy techniques that help you relax, enjoy life and find happiness daily.



  • Complimentary discovery call to see if we’re a good fit (30 minutes)

  • Welcome Package to dig into your goals and desires

  • 1 x 45-60 minute strategy session to get to know each other better and establish your goals

  • 4 1:1 coaching sessions for support, questions, and discussion (30-45 mins via skype or phone)

  • Customized nutrition and lifestyle plan (sent to you after our first session)

  • Meal Guide with healthy recipes, shopping list, and prep schedule

  • Unlimited email support between sessions-I’m here for you!

  • Recommended reading and resources

  • Additional handouts, worksheets and bonus guides to help you achieve your goals




WEEK 1- Strategy Session (45-60mins)

 Map out your goals, ambitions, struggles, and preferences.


WEEK 2- Real Food 101 (30mins)

Real food for real life, health principles and core eating values.


WEEK 3- Get Prepped: Healthy Kitchen Essentials (30mins)

Everything you need to know about saving time, navigating the grocery store, and making healthy eating simple, efficient, easy and fun!


WEEK 4- Eating Freedom: Breaking the Rules (30mins)

Everything you need to know about ditching the diet mindset, managing stress, finding joyful movement, and feeling happy and incredible in your own skin.


WEEK 5- Real Life + Final Few (30mins)

 How to embrace your own version of health so you can live as the healthiest version of you.


BONUSES: Healthy snacks guide, workout guide, get moving playlist, resources list, and more.


Are you ready to transform your health, find freedom around food, and live an incredibly happy and healthy life?




*Payment plans available upon request